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Frank talk by Sam

An image of Sam the owner in her first blog post

When my girls were born there was no book to tell me how to raise the perfect child. My girls are now 26, 25 and 23. Let’s be honest though are there even perfect children or people? We all think our children are perfect (don’t get me wrong). But, you would be naïve to think you or your children are perfect – seriously? No mood swings, perfect bedroom, perfect hand writing, perfect artistic talent, perfect school scores in every subject? Well congratulations if you are one of them then this blog is not for you.

This blog is for us normal people, with normal struggles, that never had a book on how to raise the perfect child. Us normal moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, aunts and uncles that have tried out best to help our children grow, develop and become the best that they can be in every single natural sense of the word.

When I was younger and my children were younger, the best way for them to build an immune system was to play in the dirt. The best medicine was fresh air and daily dose of Scotts Emulsion. Well good news, that is all still very good for the children. However, there is more to development and learning than sun and sand. It is HOW they play with the sand or in the sand that leads to development. Let’s add to that – it's WHAT we use while playing in the sand as well. Why on earth am I telling you about sand? Am I going nuts? The answer is No, here is why….

Lets start with a little bit of “aha” or “ oh wow”. Did you know that when your child plays using their hands, full body, thinking about what they are doing- you are helping them to grow and develop all the different muscles in their bodies, and don’t forget the brain is like a muscle which grows stronger with development and exercise. And you are probably thinking “ yes, I know this”, well I bet you I can still give you an “oh wow” moment.

Well, still curious and eagerly want to help yourself and your child? Let’s chat next week again.

Bring your note pad and enthusiasm😊



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